3 Simple And Natural Ways To Avoid Wrinkles And Keep Skin Looking Its Best

Today there are a number of cosmetic procedures available for wrinkles including Botox, which freezes the muscles under the skin so that it can't pucker and wrinkle, and fillers which plump up the skin where wrinkles have formed. While these can be good solutions for wrinkles and other skin problems, consider some simple and natural ways you can avoid wrinkles and always keep skin looking its best.

1. Face massages.

Regular massages and especially face massages keep your skin looking its best because these encourage blood flow and in turn, the skin is nourished and healed. Blood delivers nutrients from the digestive system to all cells of the body including the skin, and also delivers healing oxygen as well. When you get a face massage you are encouraging more blood flow to the skin and to the surface of the skin, so that you have a natural glow and skin is kept soft and supple.

2. Natural exfoliating treatments.

When you exfoliate your skin you remove dead skin cells, dirt, and other buildup that makes your skin look sallow and unhealthy. You also reveal a healthier layer of skin underneath. Unfortunately many people use harsh products to exfoliate or exfoliate too often, thereby irritating their skin. Instead, try a natural product like vitamin E oil mixed with a small amount of sugar. Use this on damp skin and rub very gently. The sugar will remove the dead skin cells and other buildup while the oil will keep skin hydrated and soft. Do this no more than once per week for best results.

3. Drinking copious amounts of water.

Water hydrates the skin and makes it look and feel soft and supple. Drinking copious amounts of water can help keep your skin free of wrinkles. To add more water to your diet, schedule it in regular intervals. Have a glass right after breakfast and one right before lunch. Schedule another tall glass in the mid-afternoon and one in the evening. If you make an actual plan for when you'll drink water you're sure to get more every single day.

You can also get more hydration simply by adding foods with high moisture content to your diet. This would include citrus fruits, melons, and dark leafy greens. Avoid caffeine as this is a diuretic and causes you to lose hydration, as will red meat. Cut back on these for better hydration overall.

Remember these tips even if you choose a procedure like Botox or fillers from professionals, such as Skin Centeras you still want to be doing everything you can to protect your skin and keep it looking its best.