Popping the Myths on Acne and Pimples Beyond the Teenage Years with Real Facts

Whether or not you struggled with acne and breakouts through puberty, there is always a chance that these bothersome skin problems can show up well past your teenage years. Whether relative to stress, your makeup, or something else, when these breakouts occur, it often seems everyone has an opinion that differs from the next person as to why and how this is happening. So you can get a better control on breakouts as an adult, it is a good idea to get the big myths out of the way. Take a look at these myths about adult acne and breakouts and the real facts you should know. 

Myth: Adult acne is rarely caused by what you eat. 

Fact: Through the teenage years, people will tell you a lot of things are causing you acne; from too many soft drinks to too much greasy food. For whatever reason, however, adults have the tendency to completely disregard the fact that the food they eat is causing their acne and breakouts. If you have a sudden flair up of pimples and bumps, re-examine your diet over the last week or so and think about what you could have eaten to cause such a reaction. Studies have shown that your diet can have a lot to do with acne, regardless of how old you are. 

Myth: If you have issues with acne as an adult, it is almost always related to makeup. 

Fact: Makeup does not have to be bad for your skin and is actually not always the cause of adult acne. Not cleaning your face after wearing makeup or using low-quality makeup could definitely leave you with clogged pores and irritation. However, the best makeup brands have ingredients that are really good for your skin, so makeup cannot always be blamed as a factor for an adult acne issue. 

Myth: If you have acne as an adult, you're just not cleaning your face like you should. 

Fact: Unfortunately, acne is not always caused by dirty or oily skin, and you can rarely ever simply wash your face enough to clear breakouts. In fact, in some situations, washing your face more often will just lead to more issues with skin irritation and breakouts. Do, however, pay careful attention to the skin cleansing products you are using if you start to see breakouts after trying a new products, as some products can contribute to acne more than they can help. 

For more information on what could be causing your adult acne and how to treat it, talk to a dermatologist like those at Associated Skin Care Specialists.