Do You Actually Have Blackheads? Dealing With Sebaceous Filaments

If you have little black dots on your cheeks or nose, you may be addicted to exfoliaters, extractors, and pore strips. At first glance, you may assume your pores are full of blackheads—or clogged pores where the oils have turned dark due to oxidation. However, what you may be seeing could actually be sebaceous filaments. What's the difference? Like blackheads, these filaments can give pores a darker appearance. These filaments are also deposits of sebum, but they aren't raised off the skin like blackheads. [Read More]

Are You Getting Botox For Your Wedding Day? Get Answers To The Questions You May Have

Many brides want to look perfect for their wedding day. As such, they are willing to undergo cosmetic procedures such as cosmetic Botox to look their best. If you want to hide wrinkles or lines on your forward, near your eyes or around your mouth, you too may be planning on getting a Botox treatment for your special day. However, if you have never had this done before, you may have many questions. [Read More]

Popping the Myths on Acne and Pimples Beyond the Teenage Years with Real Facts

Whether or not you struggled with acne and breakouts through puberty, there is always a chance that these bothersome skin problems can show up well past your teenage years. Whether relative to stress, your makeup, or something else, when these breakouts occur, it often seems everyone has an opinion that differs from the next person as to why and how this is happening. So you can get a better control on breakouts as an adult, it is a good idea to get the big myths out of the way. [Read More]

2 Ways To Treat A Wart

Warts can be an unsightly problem. If people notice that you have a wart, they may not want to shake your hand because they are afraid that you will somehow contaminate them and they will end up with a wart as well. So, what can you do to get rid of the wart? Duct Tape It may sound crazy, but there are a lot of people who swear by duct tape when it comes to getting rid of warts. [Read More]